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        We have our own water plant and water treatment plant ensuring the efficient water use. We also have our own power generation plant which improves 23% energy utilization rate. In addation, we implement process reengineering and Industry 4.0 push strategy intracompany to build a smart factory, saving energy and improving efficiency of production and management.

        Social Welfare

        We have obtained OEKO-Tex standard certificate for consecutive 10 years, and in June 2015, the towel produced by sustainable process achieved the first certificate of MADE IN GREEN BY OEKO - TEX ® in B2C field in the world, showing that the environmental protection consciousness has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and put into action. Loftex fulfilled the commitments of sustainable development, and its social responsibility of environmental production and environment-friendly production process.

        Loftex, we pay attention to the construction of social responsibility. We received the accreditation of SA8000 (Social Responsibility Standards Certification, 2014) from IQNet on 7 Mar,2017. And we become the first international ethical standards products supplier in the world. We guarantee to meet the requirements with the standards of social responsibility, relating to child labor, forced labor, health and safety, organization of trade union and collective bargaining rights, discrimination, disciplinary measures, working hours, salary and managing systems. We also extend the standards to cover the company’s suppliers and contractors. We have CSR performance committee with employee representation (SPT), which is responsible for system planning, establishing, maintaining, supervising and risk assessment to ensure CSR compliance and continuous improvement.
        We actively participate in public welfare such as donating to poor districts , hard-hit areas, local gerocomium, poor students and staff,  and we have obtained honorary title of "the most loving care enterprise in Shandong Province".

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      6. Corporate Office: Binbei Industrial Park, Bincheng District, Binzhou City, Shandong, CHINA.
        TEL: 86-543-3512878 FAX:86-543-3512688
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