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        • Home textile small common sense: return to dare to say your towel clean enough?2016.05.09

          Do you know why towels used in hair hard would happen after a period of time?Fatty acids on the skin that's because the sticky corrosion on the towel, and then combine with the calcium and magnesium ions in the water after.This time will be show your towel the disinfection.
          Today we talk about everyday use, but easily neglected problems - towels.Your towel clean enough?How often do you change the towels?, small make up for a visit and get the reflect is, most of the elderly will wait with old, broke out, and even some people with dirty, change again hair stiff;And the majority of young people will be replaced every two to three months towels.So you know how much this towel are hid dirty little secret?
          To this, people have done experiments, using two years, a year and three months of towel experiment: cut off the corner of the towel sample, respectively, to import the germiculture physiological saline for 24 hours.After 24 hours, the experiment results show that the used towels above two years of colony is very dense, number hundred million;Using the above a year of towel about millions of bacteria;In the three months of towel above there are hundreds of thousands of bacteria.The experiment can not help but let a person feel creepy, just a corner of the towel should have so many number of bacteria, the use of towels and bacteria is proportional to the time.
          Maybe someone will think, his towel with a quite long time have not seen.These bacteria in the body of the towel some what kind of impact?Experts said the existence of bacteria on the towel is much for streptococcus and staphylococcus, there are some more mold and fungus infection.And staphylococcus infection easy cause impetigo;Streptococcus suis infection easy cause local skin soft tissue infection;Fungal infection is ringworm of the body will appear later.
           world health organization (who) had a suggestion: towel best change once a month.Another more detailed advice is: the male three wash face, bath, wash feet (a), four (wash a face, each a foot washing, bathing points stage physical and nonphysical each one).Towel best weekly high temperature disinfection, sterilization time to 20 to 30 minutes, and drying in a dry, ventilated, sunny places.



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