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          Textile small common sense: how to identify the soft towel2016.05.09

          The basic concept of towel
          The world's first towel was born in 1850, producing area in Britain, it has a history of more than 150 years.
          From at the beginning of the most simple monochrome flat maomao wipes today of jacquard, printing, twistless satin towel, cut pile towel, etc.
          Development time is the shortest and fastest developing speed of textile products.Below, we briefly introduce the concept of towel products, applications, as well as the correct use, towel of choose and buy of a few small knowledge, let it be for us in our daily life without "good friends", and a more in-depth understanding.
          Towel is composed of three systems yarn interwoven fabric with the loop structure.The three systems of yarn is that the meridian of MAO,
          Ground warp and weft.Appeared with the development of science and technology, and the warp knitted towel fabric, this kind of towel looped consolidation in mind, but the form is relatively single.For the most part on the market for woven cloth.
          S the classification and usage of towel
          According to the use place of general component is different with two kinds of household and hotel.
          Household towel products is our most of press close to, the design and color is more, design also many, personalized stronger;Hotel towels main products are face towel, towel, bath towel, bathrobe, cushion and so on several varieties, as a general rule, be plain or white, thick, practical, and because of the need to high temperature disinfection, washing, often for the product quality request is higher, the raw materials used are generally first combed cotton and long-staple cotton.
          S how to choose and buy high quality towel products?
          To the formal shop towel: regular department stores, supermarkets or stores into the supply of goods generally have strict inspection procedures, product is basically normal manufacturer production.
          "Choose a trusted brand"
          The brand has a good reputation and social responsibility, through a variety of certification system, can guarantee the quality of products.
          "Buy identifiable towel"
          Normal towel products are clearly logo on its products, indicate the manufacturer, producing area, telephone number, trademarks, standards, washing, etc.
          "The appearance"
          Good towel downy and bright color, luster nature, design clear;Terry is exquisite and less hairiness, regularly;Do manual work is delicate, short thread and defect-free, caution of sewing.
          "Touch touch"
          Soft, wool circle fleeciness close-grained, body bone elastic, good water imbibition.
          Qualified towel smell is pure and fresh and natural, no peculiar smell.
          【 in the process of towel products of choose and buy, want to handle and colour fastness to correct understanding of products 】
          Really feel good is a kind of soft cotton itself, it feels good, fluffy and elastic, and distinguish it from satiny, soapy is added too much softening agent.Feel of a small amount of softener helps, too much softening agent, not only affects water imbibition, and bad for our health.Softening agent may block our skin micro pore, affect metabolism, inferior softener also contain harmful substances, is a health hazard.
          Pure cotton towel is dyed with reactive dyes, dye molecules combine with cellulose molecules to produce a covalent bond, make the dye fixation
          On the fiber.In the process of reaction, some dye and fiber is a combination of, at the same time and it is the part of the dye hydrolysis, adsorption on the fiber surface, but no covalent union, is easy to fall off.When dyed dark towel, there are a lot of hydrolysis of dye adsorption on the fiber, it is difficult to wash, so first washing with decoloring phenomenon, this is unavoidable.If first washing towel rub off more light color or dark towel washing still rub off many times, is the dye is unqualified or dyeing process caused by inaccurate, belongs to the unqualified products.
          S a towel products related regulations and standards
          With towel is directly related to the laws and regulations standard GB18401-2003 national textile product main basic safety technical specifications and industry standards FZ/T62006-2004.As the compulsory standards, the former on January 1, 2006;The latter is voluntary standards.
          Abroad and Oeko - Texstandard100 - European launch standard of ecological textile, has been used widely to the world.



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