Frequently asked questions

What is myfxtime?

Myfxtime is versatile organization dedicated in helping the forex traders in every possible way!

Is it really possible to lead life by trading?

Definitely yes!But for that you need to learn the art of trading very precisely.

What are the offered service of myfxtime?

We offer free technical analysis ,forex education service.Those who are struggling hard with their trading can chose our premium signal service or forex course.

What are the cost of the offered serivce?

We have versatile options for the traders.Please visit signal service or forex course for more details

How i made the payment for the offered service?

All payments should be made to via neteller or skrill .Contact Us if you have queries.

How we will made the payment?

We accept payment via Neteller and Skrill. Once you make the payment you will receive confirmation in next 12 hours regarding your package.For more details contact us.

Do you allow guest post?

Yes we do.But there is certain charge and benchmark for putting a link in the articles. Contact Us for more details.

How long it takes to receive response from myfxtime?

Usually all email responses are made within in 12 hours.However the subscribers will have live access to our professional trader for 24×5

Whats the average pip target by the professionals?

The professional traders of myfxtime usually aim for 100+ pips in every single trade with proper risk management factors.

How long it will take to learn trading?

There is no definite answer to this question.However our previous experience shows that the new traders are able to make quality trades in the market within 3 months after taking our forex course.

If you still have queries than feel free to Contact Us